This site was built with

I needed a "quick", free and server-less blog with domain forwarding. I liked the Jekyll static site generator, though there were too many caveats. The open »

Handlebars render safe HTML

I have an Ember application that I need to display some custom text. If you want to render raw html to the page, use a triple »

Easily Convert Ruby 1.8 to 1.9 hash syntax

You can easily convert your 1.8 hash rockets into cleaner, easier to read 1.9 hash syntax with this little script. A single (ERB) file: »

Multi-line Ruby block in HAML

I always seem to forget the syntax for multi-line syntax in haml. You can also use :css, :javascript :ruby first_name = "Ryan" last_name = "L'Italien" %h1 »

LinkedIn/Facebook loading issue using jQuery Mobile

If you’re trying to add LinkedIn/Facebook to your mobile site, and are using jQuery Mobile, you might get a 302 redirect error. Similar »

AWS EC2 disk on Linux confusion

After our instance store instance had issues, we converted it to an EBS store. So according to the AWS documentation, you have to mount the partition »